About Us

Connecting Students

A Platform for students to connect with other fellow students, get answers to their queries and complete their journey successfully. 
Every student who want to study abroad have so many queries running in their mind and there would be many more hurdles to them in the future. So, we are here to guide them throughout their carrier.
  • We guide students to find which Course and University is good them.
  • From where they can  get their education loan with best interest rates
  • What all they need for a successful Visa Application
  • We help them connecting with the fellow students who are going to same University/Course from the same city/country
  • We connect them with their seniors who are studying that university and even connect them with the Alumni who passed out from the same university or else from the same course from different university to guide them for their future perspectives.
  • Even help them with the room accommodation based on their interests.
  • Help them in knowing different types of scholarships that can be achieved and help them achieving them.
  • Help them in finding out the part time jobs as it is not easy at the start finding one.
  • Help them in filing their taxes.

Founding Team

Rahul Goyal, Co-Founder


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Lokesh Mahanthi, Co-Founder


Mentors / Advisors

Craig Elias


Someone we can call or text any time to get candid feedback, awesome ideas, and stellar introductions.